Vermeer has been the innovative leader in horizontal directional drilling since the beginning. Building on that tradition, we are proud to introduce the BORESTORE.EU — your complete HDD tooling and accessories warehouse — accessible for the public users based in the European Union.
Featured products

10" (250) Replaceable Wing PDC Hole Opener

The Vermeer-designed and manufactured line of replaceable wing PDC (polycrystalline diamond compact) hole openers bring performance and reliability to consolidated rock bores.
€ 10.839,15

10" T-REX™ Reamer - 2.375 API Reg Box x 24k swivel

Take a bite out of tough conditions. Ruggedly constructed with work-hardened, high-alloy steel, this reamer incorporates a unique, steep, rear-tapered design for ease of push back when needed. Optional built-in swivel or thru-shaft designs are also available. High-wear areas are made to last with a resilient carbide mesh grit hard facing. Equipped with oversized Shark Teeth tooling for aggressive, yet smooth, cutting action, the T-Rex is ready for cobble, chunk rock and soft rock.
€ 3.318,80

2.75" Premium Housing - Bolt On Gauntlet Bit - 3.5"

Bolt-on Armor Gauntlet bit intended for use with Premium Housing 296408265. Designed for use in soft to medium rock, shale and caliche ground conditions. Carbide buttons are strategically placed on the bit for optimum cutting, and carbide hard facing helps to enhance wear and performance characteristics
€ 1.572,03

FTR5p Sub-kHz Rebar Trans 15" 0.1% Pitch, Fluid Pressure, 24 Clock (Black Label) Region UK 3

The DigiTrak Falcon F5® transmitter supports hundreds of frequencies between .33 kHz – .75 kHz and 4.5 – 45 kHz. Operators can avoid active and passive interference by choosing the two optimum bands for the current site. Available in 19, 15, and 8-in lengths.
€ 4.093,02

Portable Breakout System - 30 kNm - Electric Pump

The Vermeer Portable Breakout System should be something to carry with you every day to handle torqued direct connections — from making-up or breaking-out exit pit side tooling, this product is an essential you don’t want to leave behind.
€ 16.154,29

Quickfire™ 400 Starter Rod 2.375" FST #600 Box

Available in multiple sizes for drilling rigs rated up to 7500 Nm of torque. On the jobsite, you’ll appreciate the coarse and tapered thread profile allowing four-turn makeup. It also features an eight-sided collar to make flat alignment easier to handle.
€ 345,58

Shark Drill Bit 4.5" x 11.29"

The Vermeer Shark drill bit features Shark Teeth® cutting tools, supplying an aggressive cutting action to work through hard-packed ground conditions, caliche and soft rock.
€ 202,76

Vermeer Carbide Point Drill Bit 4.5" x 12"

The Vermeer carbide point (VCP) bit maximizes penetration in ground conditions ranging from soft soils to hard-packed clay.
€ 317,41

Vermeer Piercing Tool Oil

Vermeer Piercing Tool Oil, Case, (4 psc.) 3.8 liter Jugs
€ 119,61

Vermeer Thread Lube - 1 Gallon

Vermeer offers a range of thread lube, designed for all seasonal applications and various HDD models, including the environmentally friendly BioStick.
€ 50,77