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Portable Breakout System - 30 kNm - Electric Pump

The Vermeer Portable Breakout System should be something to carry with you every day to handle torqued direct connections — from making-up or breaking-out exit pit side tooling, this product is an essential you don’t want to leave behind.
P/N: PBD215003
€ 16.154,29


  • Torquing up and breaking out direct connected horizontal directional drill tooling
  • Frequently used on the exit side to break out drill head and connect reamer
  • Also known as “wrenches” or “tongs”


  • Grip inserts facilitate a grip range of 8.3 cm – 14.6 cm
  • An additional die set, facilitating 6.3 cm – 9.5 cm is available for order separately 
  • Intended for use on D40x55 S3 – D100x140 S3 Navigator® horizontal directional drills
  • Firestick® drill rod thread 2.625” #700 – 3.5” #1000; 2.375” – 4.5” API
  • Rock drill heads, air hammers and mud motors



  • Operationally and cosmetically similar to the popular PBD11500 set
  • Forged alloy for strength and durability
  • 20 kg per wrench for ease of handling
  • Two sets of dies to select high or low grip range positions


  • OEM-specified hydraulic cylinder included
  • 18 kg

Power unit

  • OEM-specified, portable 28V hydraulic power unit
  • Powered by a Milwaukee lithium battery
    • Two batteries included
    • Batteries charge in approximately 1 hour
  • Two 6 m hoses for ease of operation outside of the exit pit
  • Components are precharged with oil for out-of-the-box readiness
  • 12 kg

Tools and Accessories

  • Allen wrench included for die changeout
  • Hard plastic storage case included for hydraulic power unit, dies, batteries and wrenches
  • Wood crate included for hydraulic unit case, wrenches, cylinder and hoses
  • Tricone and PDC bit breaker accessory available seperately
Products specifications
Max. torque rating 21,500 ft-lb / 29.200 Nm
Rod diameter 2.625" - 5.75"
Model Compatibility D40x55 S3
D40X55DR S3
D60x90 S3
D80x100 Series II
D100x120 Series II
D100x140 S3