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Products compatible with model 'D24x40A'

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18" Mix Master Reamer™ 2.875" API Reg Box x Pin

With aggressive cutting and mixing design characteristics, this reamer is designed to help reduce pullback and rotational forces required from the drill rig.
€ 2.776,44

18" T-REX™ Reamer - 2.875" API Reg Box x 50k Swivel

Take a bite out of tough conditions. Ruggedly constructed with work-hardened, high-alloy steel, this reamer incorporates a unique, steep, rear-tapered design for ease of push back when needed. Optional built-in swivel or thru-shaft designs are also available. High-wear areas are made to last with a resilient carbide mesh grit hard facing. Equipped with oversized Shark Teeth tooling for aggressive, yet smooth, cutting action, the T-Rex is ready for cobble, chunk rock and soft rock.
€ 6.937,29

2.375" API Armor™ Gauntlet Bit Tooth - Soft Rock

The 2.375" API Armor System is compatible with D16x20 - D50x100
€ 23,90

2.375" API Armor™ Sonde Lid Kit

The 2.375" API Armor System is compatible with D16x20 - D50x100
€ 483,41

2.375" API Reg Armor™ 24k Swivel

Ideal for confined exit pit projects, the Armor swivel features a single, solid pin installation.
€ 1.486,54

2.375" API Reg Armor™ Dirt Bit Sub

Assembly includes Dirt bit adapter, one retention pin, two o-rings and two cap screws. Offers the flexibility to run one of many different plate bit options helping to match ground conditions.
€ 725,67

2.375" API Reg Armor™ Dowel 5/8" x 2.0" - Small Armor™

Dowel 5/8" x 2.0" - Small Armor™
€ 4,56

2.375" API Reg Armor™ Gauntlet Bit - 4.25"

Assembly includes Gauntlet bit, two sets of medium formation teeth, one retention pin, two o-rings and two cap screws. Designed for use in soft to medium rock, shale and caliche ground conditions up to 10,000 psi (344.7 bar) with exceptional steering capabilities. Carbide buttons are strategically placed on the bit for optimum cutting, and carbide hard facing helps to enhance wear and performance characteristics. A replaceable three-tooth design delivers a consistent cutting structure for steering corrections and maximum drilling performance.
€ 3.005,05

2.375" API Reg Armor™ Lance Bit - 4.25"

Assembly includes Lance bit, one retention pin, two o-rings and two cap screws. Intended for use in hard-packed soil, gravel and cobble. The bit features a scoop design for better steering capabilities and enhanced operator control to limit wandering in challenging ground conditions. Carbide buttons and robotically applied hard facing help improve overall bit wear in most abrasive drilling conditions.
€ 2.143,24

2.375" API Reg Armor™ Maul Bit - 4.25"

Assembly includes Maul bit, one retention pin, two o-rings and two cap screws. Features a similar scoop design found in the Armor™ Lance bit that offers improved control and performance characteristics, but less the carbide buttons, is a more economical option.
€ 1.389,81

2.375" API Reg Armor™ O-Ring - Small Armor™

O-Ring - Small Armor™
€ 5,51

2.375" API Reg Armor™ Pull back mount

Pullback mount for use with 2.375" API REG Armor™ drilling system.
€ 444,62