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Products compatible with model 'D10x15'

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LP Hex Starter Rod 1.625" Hex Box x 1.66"

The Vermeer low profile hex connection sets the industry standard. This Vermeer original design was created with a unique machining process that heat-treats Vermeer-specified alloy steel and machines it to Vermeer tolerances. It also undergoes a unique broaching process to create consistent flats. Each piece goes through a 100 percent thread inspection process.
€ 293,41

Nozzle - Bolt On Armor™

Replacement nozzle for the Bolt on Armor™ bits.
€ 20,16

Nozzle 1/4"

A 1/4" replacement nozzle for the line Premium of housings.
€ 11,41

Nozzle 1/8"

A 1/8" replacement nozzle for the line of Premium housings.
€ 7,04

Premium Dirt Housing - 2.75" OD x 2-4 ACME

The premium dirt transmitter housings from Vermeer integrate many of the robust and proven design characteristics of the rock-focused Armor drilling system into a versatile tool for soft to intermediate ground conditions.
€ 1.138,32

Pullback Swivel 7k x 1.625" Hex Pin

Designed for use with the low-profile hex connection system.
€ 385,65

Pullback Swivel 7k x 2.375" API Reg Box

This swivel features is designed for use with API thread reamers.
€ 671,87

Pulling Eye 10k x 2.375" API Reg Box

Full line of pulling eyes available for small drills up to maxi drill rigs.
€ 286,52

Punch - 1/2" Roll Pin

Punch - 1/2" Roll Pin
€ 26,35

Punch Kit - Bolt On Gauntlet Bit

The punch for the bolt on Gauntlet bits.
€ 26,35

QF300 hardware kit

Includes capscrews and o-ring.
€ 3,49

Quickfire™ 300 Collar 2.75" - Hardfaced

Available in multiple sizes for drilling rigs rated up to 7500 Nm of torque. On the jobsite, you’ll appreciate the coarse and tapered thread profile allowing four-turn makeup. It also features an eight-sided collar to make flat alignment easier to handle.
€ 160,78